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Oosterstraat 13A, 2315 LC Leiden

About us


Why Rijschool Parijs Leiden?

We are a team of experienced driving instructors that have brought many people successfully trough their driving exam.
If you are nervous or insecure, than that’s okay. Often being anxious is helpful and does not has to stop you from learning how to drive. We are friendly teachers that are extremely patient with every single student. We know how to accustom you step by step to the firstly confusing world of driving, so don’t worry. Your individuals driving plan that we determine for you will create a comfortable learning environment in which you will feel safe and supported. Our success rates
- We have very high success rates! 65 – 75% of our students pass their driving exam at the first try.

Our instructors:
- We are highly enthusiastic about making you a good driver.
- We are all highly trained and have gained experience over many years.
- Experience through for example work at ANWB, the biggest driving school in the Netherlands.
- We offer intensive supervision and support in terms of safety and traffic rules.

Our offers:
- We also offer 10 day crash courses.
- Free theory textbooks, free theory support. Click here if you wish to reserve your theory exam for free via our website. Payment
-You can pay your driving lessons in installments, if that is more convenient for you.

Our cars
- All cars are equipped with all necessary active and passive safety features: airbags (both the driver and the passenger side), ABS; ASR; SRR; ESP; RDS ; EPC; BAS (Brake Assist)
- Furthermore all cars have: Electric windows and mirrors; Power steering
- Furthermore we choose to buy cars that have a specially small bind spot.

Our insurance

-We have one of the best insurances that are available. That means you are insured as our students, our cars and instructors are insured, and the insurance covers any damage (material or human) created through any accident.